Real Time with The ARE – Part I

Real Time with The ARE – Part II

1. Intro
2. Taking Flight
3 Still Climbing
4.The Name’s ‘Krack featuring Headkrack
5. Lonely Piano
6. The Street
7. It’s The Drums Interlude
8. The Reason
9. Important featuring Kay of The Foundation & Nicole Hurst
10. It’s The Drums Part II Interlude
11. Down
12. Catapillar
13. On The Run
14. Dialogue
15. Hip Hop featuring Strange Fruit Project (’88 Trunk Mix)
16. Closer To God
17. Love Is
18. Dialogue
19. Watered Down
20. I love Hip Hop featuring Lords of the Underground
21. Caught Up
22. Fly featuring Cardiac
23. Alright
24. No Time
25. We’ve Come Too Far
26. Focused featuring Supastition
27. Darkness
28. How Can I
29. Your Life

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  1. rugged r says:

    ill shit man i would like to peep more of it.

  2. Lobato says:

    Very nice album! do the same, always The Are

  3. zitro says:

    i just downloaded it. i already know its hot to def.

  4. bjc87 says:

    Important featuring Kay & Nicole Hurst is straight up the best track I have heard. Deep Lyrics, addictive beat and vocals are bang on point. 2 mins 55 seconds of perfection.

  5. Los says:

    Karma will slap you with a good one.
    keep up them head knocks!

  6. darock says:

    bangingbeats you done it again

  7. niqux says:

    STILL TIGHT (found it today) THANX

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