Day #27: Jay Electronica produced by Nottz, Che Grand featuring Tanya Morgan, Trek Life produced by Evidence, Lower Life Form, Von Won, & The ARE

By September 24, 2005 September 17th, 2008 Music, Premiere


Produced by Nottz
Words by Jay Electronica

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MP3 Audio 5.5 MB

Che Grand
Official Bootleg Import EP
“Trainspottin'” MP3
featuring Tanya Morgan

Produced by The Beatmaker
Words by Che Grand
Hooks by Donwill, Ilyas, & Von Pea

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MP3 Audio 6.1 MB

Trek Life
Mind Right 12″
“Mind Right” MP3

Produced by Evidence of Dilated Peoples
Words by Trek Life

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MP3 Audio 2.5 MB


Produced by Green Bottle
Words by PhD

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MP3 Audio 2.5 MB

Von Won
Best Kept Secret
“Money Already Made” MP3

Produced by Hott Head
Words by Von Won

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MP3 Audio 6.0 MB

“Medly” MP3

Produced by The ARE

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MP3 Audio 4.8 MB


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